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Creating Your First Project in ProjectLibre

For accurate tracking of your project it is essential to first set up the ProjectLibre calendar to reflect the working hours in your organization.

Adjusting the Calendar in ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre offers three default calendars:


  • Standard Calendar (Mon-Fri, 08:00 to 17:00 with 1hr lunch break at noon)
  • Night Shift (Mon-Sat 23:00 to 08:00 with a 1hr break from 03:00 to 04:00)
  • 24-Hour Calendar (24/7 schedule)

You can assign any one of these to be your project calendar; however none of the default calendars contain public holidays so it is often necessary to create your own custom calendar to reflect your company’s general working days and hours.

Editing the Standard Base Calendar

1. Open the calendar through the Menu ribbon: File - Project - Calendar.

2 Mark the days for which you want to change the working time (eg. for all Fridays you can click the column header ‘F’, or you can hold ctrl and click to select individual days). To make a global selection you would hold ctrl and click S.M,T,W,F,S in turn.

3.Click ‘Non-default working time’ on the left and change the working hours within the fields below.

4.To mark company or public holidays, select the relevant days as above and click ‘Non-working time’.

Edited calendar entries will appear in red.

IMPORTANT: Click ‘Options’ at the bottom to set the corresponding durations per standard day, hours per week and days per month. If you do not do this, ProjectLibre will not schedule the tasks correctly.

Confirm changes by clicking OK.

Always go back into the calendar again to check that ProjectLibre has made the correct changes.

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