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ProjectLibre open source Projectmanagement freeware

Here you find the manual to work with ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre is the mostly downloaded open-source Projectmanagement freeware. More than 1.400.000 downloads from August 2012 to March 2015 from 210 countries.

ProjectLibre was awarded Computer Worlds "Best Software of the Year". 

The official website of ProjectLibre with Download Link and Forums is: www.projectlibre.org

 This pages offer the e-book "Project Planning with ProjectLibre" which is more than a manual or user guide. more...

For only EURO 4.90 you get a 50 page e-book that is a guide to create and plan a project as well as a user guide for ProjectLibre.

 ProjectLibre offers the following advantages:





This page was created to help the ProjectLibre users worldwide with a ProjectLibre User manual. I wrote an e-book that explains step by step how to create, plan and control a Project.

All functions included in ProjectLibre are described in the context where they are used in the project planning processes.


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